Company specialized in printing on a web offset printing press and environmentally comitted


At Rotimpres we have always understood that in a mature market such as the printing market, the difference between a good company and a great company lies in the ability to offer the customer a series of services that add value to the end product.

Comprehensive consulting

We listen to our customers' needs and together define the product that best adapts to their capabilities in an effort to ensure success with the project.

Line validation

We guarantee perfect reproduction of the customer's originals by means of our InSite© line validation system, which only allows printing to take place once the customer has given their approval.


Delivery reliability is one of our strengths. Whether it is a special delivery specifically designed for a customer or a delivery that forms part of any one of our many fixed weekly routes, customer satisfaction in this regard is guaranteed.

Integration of binding

Our product centre is integrated into the printing plant, thereby allowing us to offer tight deadlines at very competitive prices.

Stochastic screen printing

Staccato© stochastic screening, a process that revolutionised colour quality in coldset printing, was developed by Rotimpres, a pilot plant of the Kodak company. This process continues to set us apart from our competitors in terms of print quality.

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Coldset, heatset and sheetfed printing in the same workplace

The integration of printing technologies in one workplace allows for complete flexibility at the moment of studying the ideal product for each customer's needs.

Receiving files in RGB

The modern workflow at Rotimpres allows files to be received in RGB. This is particularly interesting when compared to the usual reception of CMYK files as it frees the customer from the responsibility of carrying out the laborious task of colour conversion.


The proximity of Rotimpres to a graphics centre of the stature of Barcelona means we can rely on an extensive network of certified suppliers with whom we regularly work on special customer requests. In a word, we offer a "customised" service.


We offer our customers a 24/7, fully-automated, custom-calibrated imaging system that allows a lot of time to be saved on image retouching.

Route management

Our route management service allows our customers to save time and money on shipping - an optional service that few other companies can offer.