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Functional Printing

At Rotimpres our corporate philosophy is always to keep growing and innovating, for that reason at this very moment we offer our FUNCTIONAL PRINTING SERVICE.

We have in our facilities an environmentally controlled room that give us the opportunity to print any device with screen-printing technology.

What is the meaning of functional printing?

According to the Functional Print Cluster; “Functional printing consists of the manufacture, through printing, of products with new functionalities. For this, traditional printing technologies are used (screen printing, inkjet, offset, gravure...) with advanced materials such as conductive, bio-active or thermo-chromic inks on all types of substrates (paper, plastic, textile, glass, metal... ) In this way, high added value products are obtained with multiple applications, massively or individually, at low cost and with less environmental impact. Examples: circuits, alarms, sensors, antennas, batteries, keyboards, screens, active and/or intelligent packaging and labels, solar panels, lamps, biological and electrochemical tests.”


We are capable to offer ourselves as your FUNCTIONAL PRINTING partner using screen-printing technology. We have in our facilities an environmentally controlled room with flat screen-printing, UV drying tunnel and heating oven, which give us the opportunity to print different devices.

Some devices we could print are:

  • Electroluminescent
  • Heaters with or without thermochromic inks
  • NFC antennas
  • Electrochromic displays
  • Capacitor sensors for (HMI)
  • Resistive sensor for detecting different environmental conditions.



In addition, we can help with our expertise adapting the design to your technical needs.

Actual facilities destined at FUNCTIONAL PRINTING SERVICE:

  • Flat screen-printing (Max. printing area 600x700 mm, height up to 120 mm)
  • UV drying tunnel (Max. substrate width 600 mm, UV power 120 w/cm)
  • Heating oven (Max. substrate dimension 450x600 mm, max. temperature 300ºC)


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