Company specialized in printing on a web offset printing press and environmentally comitted

Why Rotimpres?About us

The independence that comes from not belonging to any publishing group has enabled us to choose our own path - a path of sustained, export-based growth (over 70% of our turnover) - and our mission is to continue the worldwide increase of our company's prestige.

Why Rotimpres?

It's very common to hear people say that a particular company is the best because it offers very high print quality, excellent customer service or very competitive prices. And while all companies would love to be able to offer this combination of quality, service and price, few of them have the capacity to justify objectively. Rotimpres is one of these few.

Ongoing investment in cutting-edge machinery

High level of automation

Stochastic screen printing

Team experience

Process integration: coldset, heatset, sheetfed and print product

Transportation synergy in customer deliveries

Process automation

Six days a week, 24 hours a day

Environmentally committed

Online InSite file validation

Support for ColorFlow colour processing

On-site technical support

Customer request response capability

Wide range of available paper

Daily customer deliveries