Company specialized in printing on a web offset printing press and environmentally comitted

Philosophy and missionAbout us

The independence that comes from not belonging to any publishing group has enabled us to choose our own path - a path of sustained, export-based growth (over 70% of our turnover) - and our mission is to continue the worldwide increase of our company's prestige.

Philosophy and mission

We at Rotimpres believe we should always aim towards satisfaction of the three collectives that form the backbone of the company, namely the customers, the employees and shareholders, and always in an environment of social responsibility and with an emphasis on project durability. For this reason we are prepared to renounce immediate benefits if these would signify a detriment of excellence, and our decision-making processes are based on sustainable harmony of the customer-employee-shareholder relationship. While the current market is both unstable and declining, Rotimpres continues to invest in new technologies and grow in capacity. As a company we are fully committed to both our customers and our employees, and while competing companies have either curtailed their operations or have disappeared altogether, we continue to expand. We believe that this is the result of our ongoing desire to be at your service.